The Glastonbury Exhibition

The Glastonbury Exhibition

Earlier this year, we ran a competition to give artists a chance to be included in our Glastonbury Exhibition. We’d like to thank everyone who entered – we received the weird, the wacky, the magical… in short, everything we hoped for! It took us a while to narrow down our final selection but we did it. Here are the results:


Mortimer Sparrow




Commended – Tamsin Gifford, Deborah Penny, Amy Higgins, Peter Lawrence, Richard Field, Linda Richards, Alison Hallett, Mathew German, Suzanne Woodward, Sue Pearson, Kate Cochrane, Jane Wilson, Anna Kelleher, Davida Santus, Charlotte Smith.

And speaking of exhibitions, our Glastonbury Exhibition is now in full swing! Running from Thursday 16th of May until Sunday 14th of July, and including over 40 artists, we’re showcasing work that celebrates our wonderful and crazy little town; that reflects the town’s history and its landscapes, its architecture and its traditions, its people and its spiritual significance. 


On Saturday 18th of May, to celebrate the start of the new exhibition, we had an open view. It was a chance for people to view the art, to talk to the artists, and maybe have some Prosecco! It was a wonderful time! Here are some photos of the event:


Alongside our competition entrants, we also have work from our other artists, including our core artists: Neil Whitehead, Diana Milstein, Frank Harwood, Delphine Barney, Harry Brockway, Norman Parker, Penelope O’Gara, Sue Cresswell, Michelle Dash, Rowena Draper, Sara Trenchard, Aga Kubish, Graham Hawkins, Veronica Butt, Harriet Popham, Gemma Trickey, Kim von Coels, Wil I Om, Jim Pilston, Maddy Cassey. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces from our core artists: 

Wil I Om


Gemma Trickey


Delphine Barney


If you haven’t had a chance to view the Glastonbury Exhibition in person, we hope to see you soon! In the meantime, feel free to take a look around our newest exhibition via our virtual tour: