VIRAL TEXTS by Melanie Thompson

VIRAL TEXTS by Melanie Thompson


Everyone is dealing with the current situation in different ways. For artists, often a natural response to events that change the world is to respond with Art. One of our core artists, Melanie Thompson, has been doing just that.

She has been making use of the Studio space that we have available here at the gallery.

VIRAL TEXTS is an evolving installation that is currently happening in Melanies garden on The Archers Way in Glastonbury.

“Viral texts is my way to respond and deal with the impact of the virus and lockdown. I have located it in my front garden because as an artist I need to share and question. I feel we are all going through an enormous range of emotions and reactions through this extended time of reflection so I wanted to articulate in a very direct way the different concerns, ideas’s and observations I am experiencing in this extraordinary period of time. Each board of text is carefully considered and placed in a particular chosen place in relation to the others. When I finish there will be 12 boards fighting to be heard.” MT


“The film giving voice was a 1 min video made in one day as a response that particular day in terms of the weather and the news and the boards I had made.”