Waving Woman Mural

Waving Woman Mural

We are very proud to share with you Glastonbury’s newest Mural. Sponsored by Heart of The Tribe Gallery.

Frank Harwood, a Heart of The Tribe Core Artist has been very busy the past couple of weeks painting the Waving Woman on the gable end of number 50 Chilkwell Street. It is the perfect greeting for visitors to Glastonbury coming in from the east side of town. A large colourful friendly piece which features a woman in a red dress waving, holding a basket of apples. Franks unique style is instantly recognisable and were sure this new addition to the Glastonbury Mural Trail will be very well received.

Frank Says of the Project “Once I had spoken to Brad and Sharon, who own the house, about the idea of a mural, I then had to develop a design. I wanted it to be welcoming, as it sits on the main entry point into the town.I also wanted to reflect the feminine nature of the town, especially the High street (without going down the goddess rabbit hole).
I’m very keen on old figurative Staffordshire pottery, and thought a rural/shepherdess figure would work well.  I made a little model in papiermache which helped me get the pose.  I also wanted to make reference to classical poses of strong warrior women, but tempered with the idea of fruitfulness and bounty.Once I got that the rest of the design sort of fell into place.
Once I had my design, my son photoshopped it on to the property on Chilkwell Street, which allowed Brad and Sharon to see the finished effect and how it would look on the approach into town.
I think I underestimated the amount of physical work that a painting this size required, in particular the erection and dropping of the tower scaffolding.  However I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, and have received an enormous amount of support from passersby and from town and beyond.  I have also learnt an enormous amount about the technicalities of mural painting which will stand me in good stead should I decide to do another.”

Faye Suzannah painting her Sunflower Mural in 2019

Frank used Thorndown paints water based wood paints. Thorndown are a local eco friendly paint company based on the Wells Rd, Glastonbury. These paints were also used by Faye Suzannah to paint another Heart of The Tribe sponsored Mural ‘Sunflowers’ in St. Johns Square last year.