Winter Open 2024 – Information

Winter Open 2024 – Information

Thank you for your interest in being part of our Winter Open Exhibition 2024.

The exhibition will run from Friday the 25th of October until Sunday the 22nd of December. We will be holding an Open View on the afternoon of Saturday the 26th of October between 2-4pm, which all artists plus any friends or family are welcome to attend. This is a public event so you do not require an invite to attend.

The following information sets out the arrangements we have in place concerning our right to exhibit and sell any selected artworks in the group exhibition at Heart of The Tribe Gallery in Glastonbury.

Each artist may submit up to six works for an £18 entry fee. This fee covers the increased administration costs and man hours involved in processing submissions and running our group exhibitions. We do not make any profit from this payment, and is a set amount regardless of whether you submit 1 or 6 artworks.

The submissions can be of any medium. All submissions must be made via our online application form, which will be available on our website between the 12th of August and the 18th of September. Submissions are to be digital images/photographs of original works. Please do not send us original artworks for the submission process. Each image file attached to the online form must be clearly titles, with the same title as written in the submission form, plus the artist’s name. By submitting the form, you are declaring that all pieces are original works and do not infringe on any known copyright. All submitted works must be for sale.

Submissions open on Monday the 12th of August and the deadline for all submissions is Monday the 18th of September. Any submissions received after this date will not be processed.

For your submission to be valid, payment must be made when submitting the online form.

For any selected works, we do not guarantee that artworks will be displayed for the full duration of the exhibition. Heart of The Tribe Gallery reserves the right not to display selected works, whether this is due to lack of space, substandard framing, or for any other reason at any given time that may affect the overall nature of the exhibition. The decision of the judging panel is final. Heart of The Tribe cannot enter into any correspondence or discussion over the decisions made by the panel.

Please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or enquiries before making your submission.

Entrants will be notified via e-mail of selected artworks by Monday 30th September 2024. All artists are invited to add their details to our artist directory page on our website if they haven’t already done so –

You, the artist, agree to deliver any selected artworks to the gallery on one of the following allocated drop off dates: Friday 11th, Sunday 13th, Monday 14th, Thursday 17th, Friday 18th of October, between 11 am and 3 pm. The artist is responsible for delivery to the Gallery of all works and the collection of any unsold works at the end of the exhibition. On some occasions it may be possible to agree an alternative delivery time by prior arrangement; this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

All work must be presented in a professional manner. The gallery reserves the right to refuse submission deliveries if the work is not of the quality expected. The cost of framing and mounting all work lies with the artist. All work must include suitable fixings to be hung / displayed via our hanging system (preferably a securely fastened chord/string across the back). Framed work must be presented to a professional standard. If artwork is not ready to hang we will not be able to display it. Please make sure your work is WALL READY – we cannot stress this enough. We do not have the time or the resources to put fixings on the back of your work.

Selected works that are not included in the exhibition will be kept in the gallery’s storage and rotated into the exhibition as sales are made. Any unsold work that remains after the exhibition must be collected in January 2025, on pre-arranged dates to be announced. Please bring some assistance with you if your work is large or heavy. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to safely store any uncollected works beyond the end of January 2025.

By submitting your work, you agree to Heart of The Tribe Gallery photographing your work and listing it online in the shop section of our website ( for the duration of the exhibition. You also agree to the possible use of images showing the artwork in whole or in part for marketing purposes and social media before, during and after the exhibition takes place. The artist retains overall copyright for all works, but the gallery can reproduce them for the purposes of advertising, promotional, and future exhibition promotional material.

Heart of The Tribe is responsible for insuring the works from the time they are delivered to the gallery, until the artist collects them at the end of the exhibition, or until a sale is completed and the works concerned are transferred to their new owners. If they are lost, damaged or stolen, the gallery will pay the artist the agreed retail price, minus the gallery commission.

The gallery will pay the balance of the cost with respect to advertising, postage, the cost of putting on private views, insurance, and all other costs incurred in hosting and promoting group exhibitions.

In respect to any artworks sold by the gallery we shall be entitled to a 50% commission of the sale price. The sale price is the retail price minus any discount given. (To secure sales, the gallery may offer the customer a 5% or 10% discount. Please take this into account when pricing your work.)

Legal ownership of the artwork only passes over to the buyer once payment has been made. Copyright remains with the artist at all times. No reproductions can be made without prior permission from the artist.

Payment to the artist for any sold work will be processed by the end of January 2025.